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Residential series

·Classic OHV design ideal for variety of different applications: lawn mower, mini-tiller
·Easy-start, Low noise design, Low-oil shutdown system, Less vibration, Low fuel consumption design
·Mid-positioned camshaft, stable and reliable
·Primer or auto choke equipped 
·Dural-layer air cleaner
·EPA/EC emission certified
Product parameters
Engine type Single cylinder, 4-Stroke(OHV)
Bore*stroke 60×40mm
Displacement 113ml
Compression ratio 8.5 : 1
Net power 2.0kw / 3600rpm
Net torque 6N.m / 2500rpm
PTO shaft rotation Counterclockwise(vertical output)
Ignition system Capacitance discharge type or inductance discharge type
Starting system Recoil  starter
Carburetor Flat suction valve carburetor 
Lubrication system Forced splash
Governor system Centrifugal mechanical
Air cleaner Foam elements 
Oil capacity 0.55L
fuel tank capacity 0.8L
Net weight 8.5kg
Dimensions(L*W*H) 345×330×240mm
Fuel consumption ≤420g/kw·h
Application Lawn Mower, Tiller