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1/2 Reduction engine series

·OHV design enhances combustion efficiency
·High power-to-displacement ratio
·Easy starting with an automatic decompression system and an easy-to-grip soft recoil starter handle
·High quality materials and purpose-built components which ensure reliable, long-term use
·Meets world's most stringent environmental legislation
·Low fuel and oil consumption
·Reduced vibration and noise levels

Product parameters
Engine type Single cylinder, 4-Stroke(OHV), 1/2 geared-down
Bore*stroke 68×54mm
Displacement 196ml
Compression ratio 9.0:1
Net power 3.8kw/3600rpm
Net torque 19Nm/2500rpm
PTO shaft rotation Counterclockwise(horizontal shaft output)
Ignition system Transistorized magneto ignition
Starting system Recoil / Electric starter
Lubrication system Forced splash
Carburetor Flat suction valve carburetor
Governor system Centrifugal mechanical
Air cleaner Dual elements(paper or foam)
Oil capacity 0.55L
fuel tank capacity 3.6L
Dimensions(L*W*H) 390×320×345mm
Net weight 18kg
Fuel consumption <=395g/kw.h